Superman serial.jpg

This serial was created in the year of 1948 and had 15 chapters. It was about Superman and his friends, Lois and Jimmy battle the antagonist, the evil Spider Lady, and her gang. The movie has great animation and production, making it interesting to all ages. This was also aired in “black and white.” It is a bit old school, but it is a good movie where everyone can learn a lot.


Superman/Clark Kent –Kirk Alyn

Lois Lane – Noel Neill

Jimmy Olsen – Tommy Bond

Spider Lady – Carol Forman

Perry White – Pierre Watkin

Dr. Graham – Herbert Rawlinson

Professor Leeds – Forrest Taylor

Jor-El – Nelson Leigh

Lara –Luana Walters

Eben Kent – Edward Cassidy

Martha Kent – Virginia Caroll

Story – George H. Plympton and Joseph F. Poland

Screenplay – Arthur Hoerl, Royal Cole, and Lewis Clay

Director – Thomas Carr, Spencer Benett

Producer – Sam Katzman