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This is the first ever movie made about Superman and was made in 1978, and also one of the best rated Superman movies, according to Google. This movie shows you Superman’s past along with him discovering the source of his power, because of this, he moves to Metropolis to protect its citizens and to fight evil.  While he was there, he encounters an antagonist known as Lex Luthor and also manages to have someone catch his eye.

Release Date: November 30, 1978

Director: Richard Donner


Superman/Clark Kent – Christopher Reeve

Lois Lane – Margot Kidder

Jor-El – Marlon Brand

Lex Luther – Gene Hackman

Eve Teschmacher – Valerie Perrine

Otis – Ned Beatty

Jonathan Kent – Glenn Ford

Lara – Susanna York

Non – Jack O’Halloran

Vond-Ah – Maria Schell

Ursa – Sarah Douglas