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In this post, you will read the biography of the incarnation of the fictional hero, Superman, during the New 52 DC Universe. You need to know that this post only utilizes the Superman comics, which we considered as the authoritative sources. The data from the video games, movies, or TV series will be referred to as the nan-canonical sources.

Superman is one of the ever famous fictional heroes that you can only see on televisions and movies. But what is the real history of Superman? Keep on reading to know more.

Babyhood on Krypton

The hero, who is called “Superman,” was the son of Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El. He is a popular expert who predicts about the impending boom of the planet, Earth. Lara and the baby Superman were decided to flee to Kandor City because of the warning by Jor-El. Jpr-El warned his wife because of the possible invading of the Brainiac.

Early Appearance of Superman in Metropolis

The first appearance of Superman was held in Metropolis. He is using the costume with a light blue-colored T-Shirt with S-Shield, a red-colored cape, and pants. During that time, Superman can jump longer distance and has the power of hurling the vehicles around.

After six months, the powers that Superman have had been increased, which is enough for General Sam Lane and Lex Luthor to worry. These two started planning on how they can imprison Superman. Superman gets his name from the Daily Planet and Lois Lane. Luthor accumulated some plans to disrupt the debauched train, in which Superman attempts to catch it. However, the fast train just pushed him to the walls, which knock him unconsciously.

Following the escape of Superman, the police officers go directly to his house, meeting the sarcasm of Kent. When they find nothing, policemen started to leave. After a while, activists protest about the actions made by Superman. As Clark began to lose his faith in regards to his identity as the Superman, Brainiac prepared himself to conquer the Metropolis. He detained John Corben under his control by the use of metallic-armored suit he usually wears.

Brainiac started attacking the said city with the help of Terminauts armies and Corben which he had been created from the machinery of the planet, Earth. Superman did his best to protect the city by fighting the mechanisms produced by Brainiac. After some minutes of fighting, Superman destroyed lots of Brainiac’s machinery. Corben also began attacking Superman, and during the fight, a new superhuman named Steel was appeared, who also began fighting with Corben. Superman can’t end the aim of Brainiac, which is to bot some parts of Metropolis.

Destruction of the Daily Planet – Current Era

Superman feels upset after the obliteration of the building of the Traditional Daily Planet in favor of larger and newer construction. Right after the devastation, the city of Metropolis was attacked by the human on flame, which tends to whisper the name of Krypton. And because of that, Superman started to hurl the earth from the Defunct Daily Planet at the creature, which leads to its defeat.