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By Fleischer Studios – File:Superman 2 Mechanical Monsters 1941.ogv, Public Domain, Link

The Power of Superman, which is a DC Comics character, has changed a lot from its first appearance way back in the 1930s. The cast’s development was extensive. Thus, his abilities were also changed to keep the attention of the viewers. The powers’ extent of Superman happened way back in the 1960’s. Although what happened way back in the 1970’s to the 1980’s has lesser extent, it came to the period that it makes it harder for the director and writer to accumulate perfect trials for Superman. And because of this, his powers and abilities decreased when the time that his story was rewritten by John Byrne after the launching of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” After the departure of Byrne, the abilities and powers of Superman were gradually increased, but, he is still weaker compared to the Superman of Pre-Crisis incarnation.

Skills and Abilities of Superman During the Golden Age

Super Senses – The hearing and eyesight of Superman were far compared to the hearing and eyesight of a normal individual.

Super Durability – Superman during the Golden Age was highly resistant in term of damages.

Enhanced Leaping – Superman of the Golden Age can leap the highest building or more than eight miles.

SuperSpeed – Superman of the Golden Age can run as fast as the fastest express train.

Super Strength – Superman of the Golden Age was referred on having the capabilities to move bigger vehicles, such as ships, trains, and cars.

Skills and Powers of Superman During the Pre-Crisis or Bronze or Silver Age

Memory-Wipe Kiss – Superman during the Pre-Crisis Age can wipe the memories of an individual by simply kissing him or her. This Superman’s ability was initially established in the Action Comics #306.

Healing Factor – Superman can reproduce his body’s damage at a faster percentage.

Stamina – Superman can live without a rest, water, or food because of the yellow radiation of the sun that sustain his basic needs.

Super Hypnotism – Super Hypnotism allowed Superman to hypnotize his enemies or an individual. By doing so, he can manipulate the memory of a person – whether to forget about a certain incident or follow all his orders. This power of Superman was being used to hide his true identity.

Super Ventriloquism – You can hear the voice or scream of Superman even at the farthest distance. Superman usually utilizes this kind of power to complicate his opponents or protect his true character by tricking individuals into believing that Clark Kent and he were in various areas.

Mental Powers – Superman during the Bronze or Silver Age possesses eidetic memory and highest intelligence level. All of these improved abilities were the outcome of his regular exposure to the yellow rays of sunlight.

Super Breath – The breath of Superman tend to freeze people, objects, and can create strong winds. He can also grip his breath for a longer period, which enables him to work underwater without using breathing equipment.

Hearing – Superman, during the Pre-Crisis age, can hear a single sound at the farthest distance and in any type of wavelength.