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Superman with his cape billowing
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Superman is a fictional character published as a comic book by DC Comics. He was also created by Jerome Siegel or otherwise known as Jerry Siegel and was illustrated by the artist, Joe Shuster. The Superman story was loved by many that are why a lot of people ventured into creating movies using the said story. There are a lot of versions that you would find today about it.

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Superman is known to be a hero that was originally from Krypton planet and was named, Kal. He is known as Kal, but actually, he is called “El “by his birth parents. Sadly though, he was sent off to planet earth in a small spaceship moments prior to the destruction of the Krypton due to a natural catastrophe. Kal – El’s ship landed in a countryside in America, and farmers, Martha and Jonathan, named him Clark Kent, and raised him. He displayed various superhuman abilities from a young age, such as super strength and bullet-proof skin. His parents taught him to use his abilities to help humankind, which led him to protect Metropolis. This is what makes his “super.”

The one who wrote his story and character is none other than Jerome Siegel as mentioned earlier. Jerome Siegel was born on October 17, 1914, and died on January 28, 1996, at the age of 81. Joseph Shuster (Joe Shuster) was the one who worked alongside Jerome Siegel to make Superman possible. He was born on July 10, 1914, and died on July 30, 1992. Sadly, in the 1970s, his career as the illustrator of Superman would fail because of his partial blindness.

Again, Superman is a fictional character of comic strips featured by DC Comics. This publication was what started Superman’s first appearance. Which is how he got more well known along the way and which also led to numerous movies and some serials about him created.

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Superman serials

Since there were only two serials about Superman created, there won’t be much to talk about.

  • Superman

This serial was created in the year of 1948 and had 15 chapters. It was about Superman and his friends, Lois and Jimmy battle the antagonist, the evil Spider Lady, and her gang. The movie has great animation and production, making it interesting to all ages. This was also aired in “black and white.” It is a bit old school, but it is a good movie where everyone can learn a lot.

Before you take a look at the cast, you can find a perfect arbour for your garden here:


Superman/Clark Kent –Kirk Alyn

Lois Lane – Noel Neill

Jimmy Olsen – Tommy Bond

Spider Lady – Carol Forman

Perry White – Pierre Watkin

Dr. Graham – Herbert Rawlinson

Professor Leeds – Forrest Taylor

Jor-El – Nelson Leigh

Lara –Luana Walters

Eben Kent – Edward Cassidy

Martha Kent – Virginia Caroll

Story – George H. Plympton and Joseph F. Poland

Screenplay – Arthur Hoerl, Royal Cole, and Lewis Clay

Director – Thomas Carr, Spencer Benett

Producer – Sam Katzman

  • Atom Man Vs. Superman

This Serial took place in 1950 and had 15 chapters as well. With this serial, Superman manages to save his friends and planet earth from Luthor’s schemes. Can you imagine the greatness, strength, and unique abilities that Superman can show? If you watch this movie, you will be awed and be amazed by the character, including the supporting ones.


Superman/Clark Kent – Kirk Alyn

Lois Lane – Noel Neill

Jimmy Olsen – Tommy Bond

Perry White – Pierre Watkin

Luthor: Lyle Talbot

Screenplay– George H. Plympton, David Matthews, and Joseph F. Poland

Director – Spencer Benett

Producer – Sam Katzman

Superman Movies

Now, let’s head onto movies, one of the most influential things in our generation. Movies are our favorites when it comes to our pass time or idle moment. It gives us relaxation and fun at the same time. Check out the regular superman favorite movies and always get amazed by what they can prove. They will always give you fun, and they can always paint a smile on your face. As a fan, you will never get bored all Superman related movies. That’s for sure!

  • Superman (1978)

This is the first ever movie made about Superman and was made in 1978, and also one of the best rated Superman movies, according to Google. This movie shows you Superman’s past along with him discovering the source of his power, because of this, he moves to Metropolis to protect its citizens and to fight evil.  While he was there, he encounters an antagonist known as Lex Luthor and also manages to have someone catch his eye.

Release Date: November 30, 1978

Director: Richard Donner


Superman/Clark Kent – Christopher Reeve

Lois Lane – Margot Kidder

Jor-El – Marlon Brand

Lex Luther – Gene Hackman

Eve Teschmacher – Valerie Perrine

Otis – Ned Beatty

Jonathan Kent – Glenn Ford

Lara – Susanna York

Non – Jack O’Halloran

Vond-Ah – Maria Schell

Ursa – Sarah Douglas

  • Superman II (1980)

The Superman II was launched in the ’80s and made a big difference. This is the series following the last movie with Superman foiling the plot of a group of terrorists by bringing their bomb into outer space, but the bomb’s shock waves manage to reach the Kryptonian Villain General Zod and his henchmen Ursa and Non from their imprisonment. After this, they travel to earth and also threaten planet earth with destruction, but at the same time, Superman decides to live a normal life with the person he loves, Lois Lane.

Release Date: December 4, 1980

Directors: Richard Donner and Richard Lester


Superman/Clark Kent – Christopher Reeve

Lois Lane – Margot Kidder

General Zod – Terence Stamp

Otis – Ned Beatty

Ursa – Sarah Douglas

Lara – Susanna York

Leueen – Leueen Willoughby

Non – Jack O’Halloran

Eve Teschmacher – Valerie Perrine

  • Superman III (1983)

A financial tycoon hires a computer programmer named Gus Gorman, Ross Webster to take control of a weather satellite and to eliminate a coffee crop. As soon Superman finds out, he can ruin their plan, because of this Webster instead commands Gordon to locate kryptonite, One of Superman’s only weaknesses. When Gordon replaces a missing and unknown element located inside the kryptonite with Tar, an unexpected effect happens when presented to Superman. In 1983, a lot of people, especially the young ones, made sure that they watched this movie. They will never let something so great just to pass by. This is a hit to almost everyone and became a talk of the town.

Release Date: June 17, 1983

Director: Richard Lester


Superman/Clark Kent – Christopher Reeve

Lois Lane – Margot Kidder

Gus Gorman – Richard Pryor

Lana Lang – Annette O’Toole

Lorelei – Pamela Stephenson

Jimmy Olsen – Marc McClure

Perry White – Jackie Cooper

Vera – Annie Ross

Brad – Gavin O’Herlily

  • Superman IV (1987)

With Superman seeing a nuclear race between the United States and the Soviet Union that could lead to the destruction of Earth, Superman takes action and quickly takes all of the nuclear weapons and throws them into space. Sadly, Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luther, escapes from his prison and has created a new scheme. He creates a clone of Superman with radioactive materials and ends up creating Nuclear Man who is just as strong as our protagonist.

Release Date: July 24, 1987

Director: Sidney Jay Furie


Superman/Clark Kent – Christopher Reeve

Lois Lane – Margot Kidder

Lex Luther – Gene Hackman

Lenny Luther – John Cryer

Nuclear Man – Mark Pillow

Lacy Warfield – Mariel Hemmingway

Perry White – Jackie Cooper

Jimmy Olsen – Marc McClure

Jean Pierre Dubois – Jim Broadbent

David Warfield – Sam Wanamaker

Harry Howler – William Hootkins

Jeremy – Damien McLawhorn

Levon Hornsby – Don Fellows

  • Superman Returns (2006)

While Lex Luther is plotting to get rid of Superman once and for all finally, Superman comes back from his absence and meets face to face with a world that may not need him anymore. Lois Lane has moved on, and society is starting to be able to take care of itself. He needs to find a place in this world that may no longer need him or his help. A lot of people embraced this movie in 2016 and after. The fans even watched the movie over and over again because of its great movie production.

Release Date: June 28, 2006

Director: Bryan Singer


Superman– Brandon Routh

Lois Lane – Kate Bosworth

Lex Luther – Kevin Spacey

Richard White – James Marsden

Jimmy Olsen – Sam Huntington

Kitty Kowalski – Parker Posey

Jor-El – Marlon Brando

Martha Kent – Eva Marie Saint

Perry White – Frank Langella

Stanford – Kal Penn

Jason White – Tristan Lake Leabu

Gertrude Vanderworth – Noel Neill

BibbowBibbowski – Jack Larson

Clark Kent – Stephan Bender

Bobbie-Fay – Peta Wilson

Brutus – David Fabrizio

Grant – Vincent Stone

Riley – Ian Roberts

Ben Hubbard – James Karen

  • Man of Steel (2013)

In the year 2013, the man of Steel was launched and caught the attention of many Superman fans. This is a very much awaited movie because the fans have great anticipation of the good things that the movie will feature.

The movie, Man of steel, also puts Superman’s past into play and also his adventures while protecting the citizens of Earth and also fighting evil. This movie is a hit in 2013 because of its great scenes and good production. The Superman role was performed well by the actor. His adventures are also really unbelievable and exciting to watch. This does seem like an ideal superhero movie, especially with the number of people who liked this movie.

Release Date: June 12, 2013

Director: Zack Synder


Superman – Henry Cavill

Lois Lane – Amy Adams

General Zod – Michael Shannon

Martha Kent – Diane Lane

Jor-El – Rusell Crowe

Jonathan Kent – Kevin Costner

Faora – Antje Traue

Perry White – Laurence Fishburne

Colonel Hardy – Cristopher Meloni

Lara – Ayelet Zurer

Clark Kent – Dylan Sprayberry

Clark Kent – Cooper Timberline

General Swanwick – Harry Lennix

Dr. Emil Hamington – Richard Schiff

Ro-Zar – Mary Black

Jax-Ur – Mackenzie Gray

Car-Vex – Samantha Jo

Jed Eubanks – TahmohPenikett

Lor-Em – Julian Richings

Jenny Jurwich – Rebecca Buller

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s almost been two years after the battle of Superman against General Zod and most of humanity’s society are still feeling anger and hopelessness from the damage because of the fight and the loss of a life, including a billionaire name Bruce Wayne. With Batman fully believing that Superman is a threat to humanity, he starts a journey to stop Superman at all costs. While Lex Luther is also planning to eliminate the one and only Superman. This movie is a bit recent, so make sure to find a chance to watch it and enjoy every great scene that it offers.

Release Date: March 26, 2016

Director: Zack Synder


Superman – Henry Cavill

Batman – Ben Affleck

Wonder Woman – Gal Gadot

Lois Lane – Amy Adams

Lex Luther – Jesse Eisenberg

Marth Kent – Diane Lane

Perry White – Laurence Fishburne

Senator Fitch – Holly Hunter

Aquaman – Jason Momoa

Mercy Graves – Tao Okamoto

General Zod – Michael Shannon

Wallace Keefe –

Martha Wayne


KG Beast

Jonathan Kent

Jimmy Olsen


Father Leone

Cesar Santos

Jenny Jurwich


Carrol Ferris


Alfred Pennyworth

Thomas Wayne

Silas Stone



Now you know a lot about Superman and how it has evolved through time. The great story that it has paved the way to the production of many great movies that we love to watch today. Some are old, and some are new, but one thing for sure – they are all special and made with love. All the movies are developed to provide a good story that the public will embrace. The movies are also geared to teach everyone the good and the bad. All the Superman movies are good to watch, especially if you want some lessons that you can carry and practice through your life.

If you’re waiting for more movies about superheroes, you have come to the right place. If you were at San-Diego Comic Con 2018, you know that DC announced that four movies would be released this year. With three movies already released, there is only one last movie not yet released which is called Wonder woman: Bloodiness, although it is an animated movie, I think it would be a great.

Do you want to watch some Superman movies, as well as comics and animation movies, but don’t know where to find them?  Well, they are just there waiting for you. Check out some movie streaming sites, and you will surely find some of the great Superman movies. Discover the Superman world once again by going through the movies I have mentioned above.