Superman above the United States at night; his shirt and tights are blue, with a yellow insignia with a red border and stylized "S" on his chest; his cape, briefs and boots are red, and he wears a yellow belt with a similar insignia on the buckle as on his chest.
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While Lex Luther is plotting to get rid of Superman once and for all finally, Superman comes back from his absence and meets face to face with a world that may not need him anymore. Lois Lane has moved on, and society is starting to be able to take care of itself. He needs to find a place in this world that may no longer need him or his help. A lot of people embraced this movie in 2016 and after. The fans even watched the movie over and over again because of its great movie production.

Release Date: June 28, 2006

Director: Bryan Singer


Superman– Brandon Routh

Lois Lane – Kate Bosworth

Lex Luther – Kevin Spacey

Richard White – James Marsden

Jimmy Olsen – Sam Huntington

Kitty Kowalski – Parker Posey

Jor-El – Marlon Brando

Martha Kent – Eva Marie Saint

Perry White – Frank Langella

Stanford – Kal Penn

Jason White – Tristan Lake Leabu

Gertrude Vanderworth – Noel Neill

BibbowBibbowski – Jack Larson

Clark Kent – Stephan Bender

Bobbie-Fay – Peta Wilson

Brutus – David Fabrizio

Grant – Vincent Stone

Riley – Ian Roberts

Ben Hubbard – James Karen